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The Butler’s Kitchen addresses ground breaking controversial topics that aren’t easily discussed between various diverse communities, especially of color. Topics range from social injustices, local and national politics, relationships; both from the homo and heterosexual perspective, dating/online dating, social media controversies to whatever event or topic that creates challenging thought provoking conversations.  Our goal is to not only bring these topics to the forefront however, to discuss next steps etc.

Jhahbriel C. Moore-Butler creates an atmosphere in his kitchen with panel guest from all walks of life.  The panel comes together weekly around the kitchen island creating an open dialogue introducing their perspectives from a view point that creates a bit of energy, borderline drama each taping.

As each conversation develops, delicious home cooked meals are prepared that add a sense of home, an atmosphere open for opinionated conversation. Most of the ingredients within the meals will be highlighted as solutions, pivoted off the conversation as added anecdotes of humor and/or comedy.

The Butler’s Kitchen, under the umbrella of Moore 4U Inc. where everything is about the community and how communities are built from mentoring and giving. So sit back, grab a drink and join us in our Kitchen,

“Where There’s Nothing Left Off The Table"



The Butler's Kitchen

Episode 2

National Domestic Violence 

Awareness Month 

Lets Talk about it!

Controversy, Social Consciousness... Straight Talk No Chaser.....


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The Butler's Pantry


Welcome to The Butler's Kitchen where you are NOT a guest and please feel free to go into the pantry.  In the pantry, you will find various discussion articles, topics that meet many interests today from love and relationships, gossip to healthy eating.  We welcome any positive interactions that add to the discussion ingredients for a great productive conversation.


Ask The Butler....

Lets Make Sense Out Of It... What Do You Need?

The Butler's Kitchen brought together some of the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals in their perspective areas. Always creative and focused, our Subject Matter Experts spared no effort to make The Butler's Kitchen a one stop shop to share your concerns, ask questions, opinions even just wanting to know where to shop, travel and party. Just ask!


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