When Black Lives Matter

Now that I think about it, up until this moment I have participated in this ignorance of racism against my own people. I have to be honest, as I remember purchasing my third home, I researched the area of purchase, school system and even looked at the crime record, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about us. Unfortunately, my first two homes I purchased started out as great investments however; due to increased crime, short sales, foreclosures and the housing market crash of 2004, I lost any upgrades or equity I had gained in my property.

Now I am sure, I am not alone in this lol. I have been around quite a few of us, successful, educated.. haven’t missed a beat in life stating how tough it is living in undeveloped urban areas or better yet cant live too close to the hood!

I think its time we redirect that train of thought. As we move and continue to fight for equality, we should start showing each other that same right. Our underserved, underdeveloped communities need strong successful brothers and sisters to co-create strong opportunities that breed love, loyalty and respect for one another.. Build foundations for black business, black empowerment programs that enrich our children. I have taken it upon myself as a goal to invest back into my community.

This is when Black Lives Matter........


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