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“I refuse to live an unlived life.”

~Les Brown


Being Better “NOT” Bitter what does that REALLY mean? Welp, it can be from one’s lens, perspective, life’s experiences. RIGHT?? Can you REALLY be Better and NOT Bitter? 


What do you usually do to cure your better in order to not be bitter? Was it successful? Did you pray, meditate, participate in yoga, drink, cuss, fight, sweep it under the rug,sex it away? Regardless of what you did at the end of the day the ultimate fix is that you feel whole and complete. Often, it is very difficult to balance and find the cure of being better.




of a more excellent or effective type or quality.

"hoping for better weather"



My hope and concerns are that some of those words describe your attitude towards your situation or desired outcomes. 



(of people or their feelings or behavior) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one's bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.


You do know that you can choose the high road no matter what raw, dirty, nasty hand you have been dealt. If you accept that it’s a mindset and how you view whether you will employ Mike Tyson in his hay day techniques and strategies. In his younger days as a winner...he had one thing in mind when he hit the ring...was to not just win his fight but to KO his opponent. No games, no play play, no I might, it would be nice if I win, but he went in for the KO. 


It would be to your advantage to have a similar mindset. You have complete and total control over how you think about the situation that you are in. It sucks and smells of stank boiled eggs to deal with challenges, obstacles and heartache we deal with in this thing called life. However, everyone at some point and time as long as you inhale and exhale with your right mind intact will have to deal with these things in your life. How you deal with it and choose to come out a winner on the other side and KO your challenges and obstacles like a young Mike Tyson is TOTALLY up to you!!

You see my “Better NOT Bitter” friends, mindset and you having a choice is totally empowering. You have the God-Given power to NOT live an “Un-Lived” life. I give you an example from The Strategist Files. I was at the height of my teaching career on easy street when life from June 2015-June 2018 SMACKED me hard in betwixt my two eyeballs! Very similar to the KO’s I was describing from a young Mike Tyson... heck of a haymakers kinda thing,  The blows were so hard, fierce and forceful, I lost sight of my goals, dreams aspirations and myself. Truth be told I was crafty in my bitterness and others would not be able to to detect it, but I knew me and I knew I was bitter from all that had happened to me. Not only was I bitter, but I was also angry and was playing “po-little-ole-me with my self.


Then just like the heart began to beat, and I began to have these pure feelings of being renewed with  adrenaline was pumping HARD through my veins:

ENOUGH with trying to fake it!!

ENOUGH with barely holding on!!

ENOUGH with living an  “un-lived” life!!

ENOUGH with feeling like I was being held together by glue...just about ready to un-hook from it’s object!!!!!!


I SNAPPED into my senses and did several empowering moves in my life. The main one was resigning from my perfect, cozy career as a teacher leader. Upon doing that, I had the boldness to start an Education Consulting Business and strived to “live life on my OWN terms.” I took a chance and gamble on me to enjoy my peace and happiness. “I REFUSED to live and Un-LIVED life”

I was determined to be “Better NOT Bitter.”


This is the beginning of the new chapter in my life!!!

Being Better Not Bitter
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