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Family Matters

Even When It Hurts.....

I have had a life that most would say.... needs to be on film lol.  The question I would ask myself, "Would it be a love, horror or drama story.  After a few drinks and some thought... I came up with a trilogy called "Family Matters... Even When It Hurts".  This includes all three!  Now I know you are asking yourself, where am I going with this? 

Sit back.....

As a gay black father, I am proud to have beaten all types of obstacles in regards to raising my son from the ages of 6 months to his adulthood.  I give all praise to God, my mother, grandmother and all the strong women/sista's  in our village that sacrificed so much to nurturer and give my son that motherly love I could not fathom.  Its because of them, the respect I have for women supersede my own wants.  My sisters are my Queens. 

I was fairly young (19) when I obtained custody of my son. Young scared however committed to prove I could be a single father just as my mother was sole parenting us.  The women in my family were perfect role models as well as supporters.  

My son grew up, graduated high school, enlisted in the military, married, fathered a child and then divorced all in the time span of 1 1/2 - 2 years.  Yes, it was in the blink of an eye and I became a grandfather.  A grandfather to a child almost 3 years old... AND I NEVER MET HIM....You ask why? Good question......

After many conversations with the elders in our community, it has become quite clear that this situation isn't unheard of.  In our community, we sometimes face people who rather die on sword of being right rather actually being right.  Women/Men who plan without including God in their plans.... are simple fools.  When we use children as pawns, controlling who loves them, how they are loved is completely insane.  

Its really truthfully sad that some mothers do not realize family matters even if it hurts... YOUR EGO! 


#letkidsbeloved #grandparentsarethebest 


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