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Elder's Corner

Welcome to the ELDER’S CORNER. This is not your typical column of Bible quotes and scripture. Full disclosure this article is by a Christian faith Bible believer. As a people, we must first acknowledge that not everyone possess the same belief pallet. Not everyone will agree or condone your actions. However, there is one thing that we all can agree. That common ground of life is the seasons. We all know when it is summer, spring summer and fall. Life occurs in seasons. There is a time to work and there is a time reap the harvest of our labor. .Ecclesiastes 3:2.

 COVID19 has brought about an opportunity for most of us to grow individually. We have matured and begun to take stock in ourselves. This pandemic has taken many lives and destroyed others. We have to adjust and adapt to a new way of living. Businesses have closed. A vast majority are working and going to school from home. Churches cannot assemble for worship. Physical human contact has become outdated. A simple errand requires equipping yourself to defend against a handshake or a warm embrace of a love one. We are accustomed or conditioned to isolate and social distance. Quarantine has brought many families back to a place of love. We also are in a season to sow into ourselves. This is the time for us to look at our own lives and as the old generations would say “GET YA BUSINESS FIXED”. Self-isolation equals self-reflection.

Let me encourage you today and say that God is in control. He will supply all your needs. It may look a little dismal and dark but the Father will bring light into a world where we thought was a lost cause. He has giving us the power to look into ourselves and take the time to make sure we heard the presidential candidates and their platforms. We were giving the opportunity to make a sound decision and vote with a clear conscience. We are learning that intimacy in families are important. 2 Timothy 2:15 has taught us to study for ourselves. We more than conquerors just keep the faith and know that God is a God that will not leave His people. This season of sowing will produce a harvest too large for one to contain. Get ready for your generational blessing. Isaiah 44:3. May God continue to add abundance and grace.

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