Jhahbriel C. E. Moore-Butler, PhD


Hello! A little about me.... I was born in Greenville, NC, raised in a single parent home, typical southern family with hidden secrets, strong ties to church and an abundance of love.  Throughout life, I have experienced many great highs and some extreme lows.  It is through these opportunities, I was blessed to create "The Butler's Kitchen". 

Throughout my life, I noticed people always gathered in the kitchen, at least my kitchen...lol   Its there where you learn so much about a person and what they maybe going through or what is the real need.  The kitchen is more than food... its a comfort space along with the food for conversation. I have always believed that its through conversations, we can all be our greatest! So lets have those conversations, no matter how tough it is.. Ask The Butler!

Light and Love........ JMB


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